My First (and Last) Babywearing Meet

babywearing meet

This post popped up in my news feed last week You (May Not) Need a Tula and it got me thinking about my first visit to my local babywearing meet.

Prior to owning a Tula, I owned (and still do) a ring sling and wrap. Nothing fancy, something functional. Having mastered a front carry with my wrap I was failing miserably with a back carry and after watching countless YouTube videos needed help.

I’d never been to a babywearing meet, mainly because I’d never considered myself a babywearer but noted the date of the upcoming one to get some help.

The day of the meet I completely forgot. I had an appointment and as I was about to head home realised I was about to miss my chance for yet another month to master the elusive back carry. Luckily, the meet was close to where I was so I scooted over.

I’d forgotten my wrap but had my Tula and without giving it a second thought strapped Orli in and headed to the park. As I walked over and glanced at the group of women by the swings I noticed something I wasn’t expecting – everyone had a wrap…literally, of the 20 or so women there, there was 19 wraps and  1 mai thai…and I felt…the odd one out.

As I neared the group, I played over how the conversation would go in my head. I thought I’d be welcomed with open arms and a warm  ‘hello, welcome! Look at the little guy all comfy in there. Love your Tula by the way. Was there something you were looking to try today?’

What I got was a few pitying smiles and an educator who ignored me, telling another mum, ‘that lady’s wearing a Tula, they’re the latest craze at the moment’ as she helped her into an Ergo.

There I was, at my first babywearing meet, being looked down on because I had the ‘popular’ one.

I’ve since I realised, Tula is one of those things that divides people. Just like you’re either a Thermomixer or not; an iphone wielder or not; you’re a Tula-lover or not.

The problem is that those in the not camp sometimes think they’re superior. Strip the prints away and the wrap conversions and you’re left with a really great carrier.

Personally, I choose not to make suggestions in babywearing groups because I’m not an expert. But if my friends and family or a stranger in the street asks – you bet I’ll be flying the Tula flag.

Because I’ve found something that I love and I want to share that love.

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